DEX Liquidity


1.     Introduction

Even the cryptocurrency is safe method of transaction and also it is not easily hacked by the hacker but there are governments this dude doesn’t accept this method of transaction because as it is a decentralized body and there doesn’t provide any kind of insurance in that physical form so if any wrong thing happens there is no one to claim and the money goes  in vain, so the government usually doesn’t promote this kind of transaction, and also people are in the same mindset as their money is not secured in this mode of transaction and goes through the protein procedures like approaching it centralized bank and paying more transaction charges and getting the procedure done, but the cryptocurrency website he’s safe enough and also it cannot be easily hacked by the hackers even the centralized banks can be hacked easily when compared to the decentralized because even a single point of information doesn’t go out of the blockchain and it is safe, if you are looking for this mode of transaction then visit the website  DEX Liquidity and get it done

DEX Liquidity

2.    What is the advantage of choosing decentralized currency over centralized banks

  •  As there are numerous advantages of choosing decentralized currency are you can transit money from one country to other country within no time that it takes only a few minutes to do transaction which might be below 10 minutes
  •  As there is no third person involved in between the recipient and the sender so the transaction charges are very less compared to the third person which involves in normal routine centralized bank transactions where the sender has to pay certain amount of transaction charges in order to send money from one country to other country
  •  Even the centralized banks there are chances of getting hacked by the hackers but coming to them decentralized currencies even a single point of information doesn’t go out of the blockchain and it is very difficult for the hackers to hack this mode of transaction
  •  If you are preferring to do transaction through this website, visit the website DEX Liquidity which is very safe and also more reliable and also charges less
  •  Even though it is very highly secured but people doesn’t prefer this mode of transaction because as that doesn’t provide any physical form of assurance for the transactions usually people transact large amounts of money from country to country which is must to be provided by the cryptocurrency platform and give the transaction doesn’t take place no one is there to take care of that


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